Dinner from the Kitchen

14.95     Chicken Teriyaki

18.95     Shrimp or Salmon Teriyaki

19.95     Scallop or Beef Teriyaki

14.95     Chicken Katsu
Breaded chicken with Tonkatsu sauce

12.95     Vegetable Tempura Dinner
or steamed

14.95     Chicken Tempura Dinner

17.95     Shrimp Tempura Dinner
Lightly fried battered shrimp and vegetable

19.95     Seafood Tempura Dinner

17.95     Stuffed Shrimp
8 pieces of shrimp with crab meat, served with Wasabi peanut sauce

18.95     Sweet Chili Crispy Fillet
Crispy Grouper fillet served in sweet chili sauce

13.95     Asian Crispy Chicken
Crispy fried boneless chicken with sweet soy glaze served with steamed broccoli

Rice & Noodles

12.95     Yaki Udon
Sauteed Japanese noodle with shrimp

13.95     Tempura Udon
Noodle soup with tempura shrimp and vegetable

14.95     Nabe Yaki Udon
Japanese noodle soup, chicken, shrimp tempura, egg, fish cake and vegetable

13.95     Pineapple Fried Rice
Oven baked pineapple filled with shrimp and scallop fried rice

13.95     Hibachi Style Noodle
with chicken or shrimp

12.95     Hibachi Style Rice
with chicken or shrimp


Hibachi Dinner

Served with clear soup & salad, vegetable & fried rice

14.95     Vegetable

29.95     Filet Mignon or Lobster Tail

19.95     Shrimp, Scallop or Steak

16.50     Chicken

18.95     Salmon

30.00     Seafood Combination
Lobster tail, scallop, shrimp

46.95     King & Queen (for two)
Lobster, shrimp, filet mignon

44.95     Little Tokyo Trio (for two)
Shrimp, filet mignon, chicken

42.95     Hibachi Combination (for two)
Shrimp, chicken, beef

Bento Box Dinner

18.95     Your choice of two:
Served with soup, salad, California roll & appetizers
Shrimp Tempura
Chicken Teriyaki
Beef Teriyaki
Salmon Teriyaki

Dinner from the Sushi Bar

17.95     Sushi Regular
8 piece assorted filet of fish over seasoned rice and a tuna roll

21.95     Sushi Deluxe
10 piece assorted filet of fish over seasoned rice and a spicy tuna roll

21.95     Chirashi
A variety of raw fish with seasoned rice

23.95     Sashimi Deluxe
8 varieties of thinly sliced raw fish

25.95     Sushi Sashimi Combination
12 pieces of Sashimi, 4 pieces of Sushi, and a spicy tuna roll

48.95     Love Boat for Two
10 pieces Sushi, 18 pieces Sashimi, 1 Dragon roll and 1 California roll

19.95     Triple Sushi
3 piece tuna, 3 piece salmon, 3 piece yellowtail

19.95     Unagi Don
Barbecued eel served with flavored rice and eel sauce